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au in which the library of alexandria didn’t burn down

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i want an episode

where sam and dean and cas are trying to track down all the fallen angels and regroup and they keep dying

like mysterious deaths and mugging and stabbings but they die really brutally like they’re being hunted. Just complete angel-now-human…




but everything about this interaction is so peaceful and gentle and soothing and genuinely “i want to make sure you are alright” and “i trust you” and aa please more of this for both of them! <33

reminder of the time castiel lifted his hand gently towards sam’s head and he literally brought hell down upon him

and still, after everything, sam sits quietly and trusts him not to break him again

#Sam’s faith and forgiveness and and patience and compassion ARE ASTOUNDING #SAM IS ASTOUNDING #I WILL FIGHT YOU ON THIS

optimisam said: i had no like romantic/sexual feelings toward her until that episode where she was flirty with one of her host’s ex-wives as a part of a different symbiont and holy crap when she flirted and acted interested in a lady i died it was so charming so hot

tbh i was sexually/romantically attracted to her from the moment she first stepped on screen cos she’s honestly one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen… :P

but yeah i just… i love how she’s this combination of like ago-old wisdom and mystery, and youthful charm, wit and all-round sassyness and downright playfullness!

my life this trill candidate is a fucking a-hole. she gives him some constructive criticism and he blows up, yells at her, and screams that jadzia is completely unworthy of being a host and is everything wrong with the program (even though he literally knows nothing about her) and my life goes crying about how trills are two-faced and then acts all sorry for himself because he’s just thrown away his career and trying to make her feel guilty…

son if i were jadzia i would slap you silly. you’re damn lucky she’s more wise and understanding than i am