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The way Supernatural ends, in my mind…

Sam and Dean are lying, bloody, broken and dying, on the ground somewhere, surrounded by the chaos and mess of their last battle. They’re both gonners, and they know it. They held on, till the battle was over, their last quest to save the planet that just doesn’t want to be saved. They’ve done their time, and they know it’s over.

Dean, despite the pain, manages to crawl along the ground to his little brother, who is slipping in and out of consciousness. Gritting his teeth, his face screwing up into a grimace at the struggle, he crawls along the floor, dragging himself towards Sammy.

Eventually, he gets there, and he sits himself up, leaning against a broken cabinet for support. Using the very last of his strength, he pulls Sam’s head onto his lap, yanking his jacket.

He looks down at his hands, surveying the situation they’re in. Blood… everywhere. It’s not good. But it’s okay, because they’re together. And that’s all that matters really.

Sam is the first to go…

As they lie there, together, Sam barely able to make a sound, Dean stares straight ahead of him, stifling the splutters and coughs. “Hey … do you remember that time…” he begins.

And he makes jokes, in true Dean style. Sammy even manages a smile at one of them. And that’s how he goes, the last expression burned onto his face by death…

"Sammy?" Dean manages to get some sound out, despite the blood slowly filling up his lungs.

He shakes his little brother a little, as a tear falls from his eye. But it’s okay, he doesn’t have to suffer much longer… he’ll be joining him soon.

But then suddenly he’s not dying anymore. He’s sitting on a park bench, all alone; his favourite beer can in his hand.


He looks up to see his little brother standing there, looking at him as though seeing him for the first time. Dean stands up and once again they embrace in a hug.

Not entirely sure what is going on, they explore a little. They find a door. It’s strange, it’s just a door, but they could swear it looks somehow familiar….

Sam pushes the door open slowly, suspiciously with his hand as Dean follows behind him into the all too familiar room.

Now, they’ve been in many a bar in their time, and the sight is one they’re all too familiar with. But the smell … well, they’d know that anywhere. That old, familiar smell of old wood, whiskey and attitude…

The Roadhouse

They look at one another quizzically, until Sam finally breaks the silence. “Where are we?”

"Home." a voice replies simply.

They both turn to see Castiel standing there, smiling at them with open arms.

It’s been a long time since they saw this particular angel. And now, of all times, Dean could not be more happy to see him. He reaches forward and embraces him in a hug, much like the ones the brothers sometimes share, the embrace that is reserved for reuniting after long, painful absences.

Then they pull apart, and Dean questions, “Home?”

But the angel just smiles. “Come on.” he beckons, leading them through to the main bar, “Your family is here… they’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Still bewildered, but obviously curious, Sam and Dean follow his lead and walk into the warm, familiar Roadhouse bar. But as Castiel moves, revealing the figures hidden behind him only a moment ago, both of the brother’s eyes widen in surprise as they fill with tears.

There, sitting all around, is… everyone.

Their father, smiling through his own tears of pride and happiness; their mom, overjoyed to see them here, to stay, at last; Ellen, Ash and Jo, all grinning up at them goofily; and Bobby. The idjit sitting there, whiskey in hand, smiling up at them with unparalleled affection.

Everyone is here, everyone they ever lost, even those they’d almost forgotten about - Pamela, Adam, Maddison, Kevin… everyone they’d ever lost, here, now.

Everyone rises, in turn, as they boys move forward, greeting them with affectionate and meaningful embraces.

Neither of them had ever imagined they would make it to Heaven, not after everything they’d done, everything they’d been through. And yet here they are. A place they had previously expressed a desire to see the back of.

But none of that matters now. Everyone is here, everyone is …happy. They couldn’t think of a better place to call home.